Topic outline

  • Facilitating Online Courses - Welcome

    reflectionWelcome! This online course introduces research based online learning concepts, principles and strategies to help you develop facilitation skills that enhance student engagement.
  • Module One: Online Facilitation Skills

    This module introduces the pedagogical, technical and administrative skills required for successful online facilitation and will help you determine your readiness to facilitate online.

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  • Module Two: Communication Strategies

    This module introduces the tools and strategies that can facilitate effective communication in the online environment.

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  • Module Three: Communication Tools

    This module introduces appropriate synchronous and asynchronous technological tools for online learning activities and communication.

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  • Module Four: Assessment in Online Learning

    This module introduces strategies for planning assessments. You will discover how to select formative and summative assessment tools and activities that align to learning outcomes.

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  • Module Five: Monitoring and Supporting Progress

    This module examines tracking techniques that can guide student progression, engagement, and lead to a successful online learning experience.

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  • Module Six: Reflection

    reflectionThis final module is for reflecting on your learning. Reflecting will help you develop your skills and review their effectiveness. It is about questioning, in a positive way.

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