• Blended Learning in the Classroom

    Combining classroom and online activities

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  • Administration, Monitoring and Evaluation

    ClassroomThis is the final topic in the Blended Learning in the Classroom course!
    In this topic you will:
    • learn how and why to evaluate courses
    • evaluate your own Moodle course and make any final changes
    • learn about Moodle's administration and monitoring features
    • discuss what you will do with what you have learned in this course
    • provide feedback about this course.

    Evaluation helps us know whether what we are doing as teachers and course developers is effective. It is also an important way of continuing to reflect on and improve our own practice.

    We also look at the technical management and administration of Moodle in this topic. While you are most likely to have technical support to use Moodle in your institution, it is useful to understand some administration features and how the monitoring features can support your teaching practice.

    Expected time to complete: 4 hours
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