• Blended Learning in the Classroom

    Combining classroom and online activities

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  • Instructional design and learning theories

    Learning theories help us better understand out teaching practice, and instructional design helps us develop better courses!

    In this topic you will:

    • be introduced to some key learning theories and instructional design concepts
    • consider your own Moodle course and decide whether it meets good practice guidelines
    • finalise your Moodle course ready for evaluation.

    The internet provides teachers with access to an increasingly wide range of ideas and resources. While this is helpful it can also make teaching increasingly complex. Understanding major learning theories and good practice instructional design techniques will not only help you plan and create your own blended learning courses, but will also help you evaluate other resources you might like to use.

    Expected time to Complete: 5 hours

Assessment for Learning (AfL)Administration, Monitoring and Evaluation