• Blended Learning in the Classroom

    Combining classroom and online activities

    KarenTTI studentsKarenTTI students

  • Creating your course in Moodle

    People at computersBuild your course using Moodle resources and activities!

    In this topic, you will:

    • learn how to use a range of Moodle activities and resources
    • decide which activities and resources suit your course plan
    • start adding Moodle activities and resources to your course.

    You are encouraged to 'play' in your own Moodle course - try using a wide range of different activities and resources to see how they work and learn to use them effectively.

    Learning to use new tools and techniques takes time and may occasionally be frustrating. Remember you are learning a new skill!

    We can help each other by sharing our progress and seeking advice from each other. Make good use of the discussion forums and chat sessions available in this topic.

    Expected time to complete:  7 hours

Planning your Moodle courseAssessment for Learning (AfL)