• Blended Learning in the Classroom

    Combining classroom and online activities

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  • Planning your Moodle course

    Michuki students phones2It is important to create a plan before you start building a course!

    In this topic you will:

    • learn what blended learning is and is not, and why you might choose to use it
    • learn some course planning techniques
    • consider some Open Educational Resources (OER)
    • start planning your Moodle course and discuss your plans with others.

    In the last topic, we identified that you need to develop a small Moodle course of your own to complete this Blended Learning in the Classroom course. Working through this topic will help you create a plan for your course. Taking some time to plan your courses before you start developing them in Moodle will help you use your development time much more efficiently and effectively; you'll also be able to gather some feedback and good ideas before you start development.

    Expected time to complete:  5 hours
    •  What is blended learning? Book
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