• Blended Learning in the Classroom

    Combining classroom and online activities

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  • Welcome and getting started

    Welcome to Blended Learning in the Classroom!

    In this topic you will:

    • learn how to navigate this course
    • be introduced to the course content and outcomes
    • introduce yourself to, and meet, other participants
    • learn what you need to do to complete this course and any COL badges you want to complete
    • decide whether this is the right course for you.

    As you work through the course, pay attention to the activities you are asked to do - they are all features of Moodle that you might decide to use yourself. One of the features we have used prevents you from accessing some activities until you have completed others. This helps ensure you have the information you need to succeed!

    Note: Most web browsers include a feature to block "pop-up windows". To use this course properly, this is a feature you may need. If you experience a problem - here is a link to help you enable pop-up windows for your browser. You do not need to use this if the course is behaving as it should.

    Expected time to complete:  5 hours
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      Restricted Not available unless: The activity Is this the right course for you? is marked complete
Planning your Moodle course