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    Welcome to this course on Moodle Administration. This is a self-paced course scheduled for a notional 30 study hours. It will equip you with the skills to install, configure and maintain a secure and stable Moodle Learning Management System to host your institution’s flexible and blended learning courses.

    First, let's get to know each other. Please introduce yourself in the Introductory Forum.

  • Session 2- Moodle Hosting Options and Pre-requisites installation

    Moodle is a Web Based System and thus it must run within a Web Server. Moodle may be hosted as a cloud service or as a local server. In this session you will be able to identify the most appropriate hosting environment for your needs and install and configure a practice Ubuntu Server 16.04.3 server which we shall use to host our Moodle installation. Before undertaking this course, you must have scored over 80% in Session 1 Quiz. You also need to have downloaded an appropriate Ubuntu Server .iso image for your practice deployment from here. (Estimated time: 240 mins)

Session 1 - Getting to know MoodleSession 3 - Installing Moodle dependencies