Topic outline

  • Conducting Learner Tracer Studies

    A very warm welcome to you for joining us on our learner tracer studies journey! We look forward to making this an exciting journey where we will discover and learn with our learners, about their lives and their livelihood. 

    You will learn how to design tracer studies, how to implement them and how to use them to improve the courses offered by your TVET institution or organisation.

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  • Introduction and Overview

    In this introductory Unit we will explore the following:

    • Who this resource is for?
    • What is the purpose of this resource?
    • Learning outcomes: what will I gain from using this resource?
    • How do I use the resource?
    • Frequently asked questions
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  • Unit 1: What are tracer studies?

    In this Unit we will explore the following:

    Unit One
    • What tracer studies are
    • Why tracer studies are important
    • The difference between a forward-looking tracer study and a retrospective tracer study
    • Why COL is interested in tracer studies
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  • Unit 2: Planning and sampling

    In this Unit we will explore the following:

    • Tracer study planning template
    • Selecting the courses and programmes to trace learners
    • How to establish a sample of learners for your study
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  • Unit 3: Carry out the baseline study

    In this Unit we will learn the following:

    unit three
    • When to carry out the baseline study
    • Getting informed consent from your sample of learners
    • Collecting baseline data
    • Different forms of data
    • Storing data safely
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  • Unit 4: Capturing, analysing & reporting findings

    In this unit you will learn how to:

    unit four
    • capture your baseline data
    • process and analyse your baseline data
    • write your baseline report
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  • Unit Five: Continuing to trace learners

    In this unit you will learn how to:

    topic 5
    • How to capture your follow-up data regularly
    • How to process and analyse your follow-up data over a number of years
    • How to write your interim reports each year
    • How to distribute and share the findings in your interim reports
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